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Scrap Bam-beanie

    • Baby/toddler beanie
    • Will fit 6-24 months
    • Super chunky, soft sheep's wool
    • Non-itch, breathable

    Each hat will be unique as we will use a combo of our yarn ends to create the colour palette for each hat. Your hat will be similar to, but not exactly the same as the pictures. 

    With the ribbing stitch, this hat is designed to stretch. It will accommodate a small head with the rim folded up and as your child grows, flip the rim down for more year's of love. 


    Wool has a natural tendency to pill. But don't fret my pet, simply be gentle and if pilling occurs use scissors to carefully remove.



    The ethically-sourced luxury wool comes from happy sheep looked after in family run farms on the beautiful hillsides of the Andes. The yarn is dyed with certified low impact dyes. 

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