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A Note, from Pauline

Hey pals,

There's no doubt that knitting has made its comeback. To appreciate the handmade process is to understand the care, time and story that shapes each piece. 

Each piece I design is a celebration of natural fibres and requires an enormous amount of physical work to stitch - over 15,000 individual stitches in one Daydreamer jumper. This care and attention is reflected in the price of handmade knits.

I design based on what I personally want to wear - modern with a nod to vintage silhouettes. I knit throughout the year and will pop current stock on the website, which is periodically updated. 


We all need a little help from our friends sometimes. I rely on a legendary all-female team of knitters - some gorgeous women in Sydney and in India, who help keep your delivery times down as much as possible. 

Our Indian team are made up of multi-skilled craft artisans, who work under fair workplace conditions including pay rates and work hours. They are upskilled in collaboration with an NGO.



I give back 5% of profits to causes close to my heart. So far, contributions have been made to conservation projects through Taronga Conservation Society Australia, and to COVID causes in India.

I thank you in advance for supporting traditional artisanal work and life in the slow lane.

Pauline x

Animal Welfare

Full respect to those sheep and goats that produce the yarn we use.  

Our wool is sourced from 100% mulesing-free sheep. The bulkier yarn is sourced from family-run farms in the Andes and our beloved merino hails from a Tasmanian farm at the forefront of environmental care and progressive farming, producing some of the finest micron grade of merino available. 


Our mohair is sourced from a family-run farm, which not only abides by, but actively promotes animal welfare best practice. For welfare reasons, Angora goats, which produce mohair yarn, must be shorn each year as their long fur can otherwise cause distressing matting and mobility challenges. 


We are proud to support suppliers doing it right.  

Yarn School


Humans have a long history with wool given it is a natural, renewable and 100% biodegradable natural fibre. It has superior insulation and anti-bacterial properties while allowing your beautiful bod to breathe.


The mohair we use is some of the finest you can find, celebrated for its lightweight, yet warm qualities. Add strength, softness and durability and we've got ourselves a winner. Due to the formation of its fibres, garments won't wrinkle or stretch.


If you absolutely need to, hand wash only using a gentle wool wash in water no warmer than luke-warm. Avoid rubbing the fabric too much, a gentle squeeze and soak should do. Roll into a towel to remove excess water and dry flat. Do not use a dryer!

To prevent accidental misshaping, store folded, not hung.

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