A Note, from Pauline

Hi there

Ok, what's this all about? Back in 2013 I set out to teach myself to make my own knitwear as I couldn't find what I wanted out there in stores. And here I am now running my small biz. I wear all the hats - I source yarns, design patterns, manage the website, the postage, suppliers and social media... oh and I do my best to knit everything myself! I also work most of the week at a not-for-profit, so please bear with me if I don't reply to you immediately, I'll get there eventually, I promise.


I design based on what I personally want to wear - modern, cosy and with a nod to vintage silhouettes. 

One of the great parts of knitting is that I can take it anywhere - so I might start your knit at my home studio and and finish it on a roadtrip. I've appointed my sidekick Atlas as Chief Comfort Officer - he gets it. He never takes a day off so you're guaranteed a cosy knit every time.

I'm Seychelles-born and live a coastal life on Sydney’s northern beaches. My little world is soaked in nature with a side of fresh oysters, vintage blouses, fresh pasta and an adoration of French...everything!


With 1000s and 1000s (and 1000s!) of stitches per piece, sometimes I need a little help so you're not kept waiting too long for your one-of-a-kind garment. I work with a legendary all-female team of knitters - some gorgeous women in Sydney and a group of knitters in India, who help keep your delivery times down as much as possible. 

Our Indian team are made up of multi-skilled craft artisans, who work under fair workplace conditions including pay rates and work hours. They are upskilled in collaboration with an NGO, who also contribute to quality control.



I give back 5% of profits to causes close to my heart. So far, contributions have been made to conservation projects through Taronga Conservation Society Australia. 

If you buy something, I hope you treasure it and feel the love put into every single stitch.


Pauline xx

The Art of Handmade


Here we celebrate the art of handmade and slow fashion.

It takes more than 10,000 stitches and over 14 hours to create one Daydreamer jumper, unique just for you.

The animals we source our yarns from produce a limited volume of yarn each season, so when our supply is dry and our pieces are out of stock, it means we're simply waiting on the next shearing, spinning and dyeing process to take place. So grab yourself a cuppa and join us in the slow fashion lane. 

Daydreamer mohair peas parlour 15.jpg
Care Guide


Humans have a long history with wool given it is a natural, renewable and 100% biodegradable natural fibre. It has superior insulation and anti-bacterial properties while allowing your beautiful bod to breathe.


The mohair we use is some of the finest you can find, celebrated for its lightweight, yet warm qualities. Add strength, softness and durability and we've got ourselves a winner. Due to the formation of its fibres, garments won't wrinkle or stretch.


If you absolutely need to, hand wash only using a gentle wool wash in water no warmer than luke-warm. Avoid rubbing the fabric too much, a gentle squeeze and soak should do. Roll into a towel to remove excess water and dry flat. Do not use a dryer!

To prevent accidental misshaping, store folded, not hung.